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Stump Grinding & Stump Removals

There are a number of reasons for removing tree stumps.
In our day to day life, we sometimes find it necessary to cut down trees. After felling the trees, it is the preferred option to remove the tree stumps and all remaining root structures.
Tree stumps interfere with your landscape design. They also make your home look unkempt, especially when weeds start growing or a critter decides to inhabit stump. Also, stumps have been known to take up valuable space in your yard that you otherwise could use for anything else better than a stump.
Tree stump removal is more involved as compared to tree cutting. It is not an easy task. Some stumps tend to be easier to remove than others hence different techniques can be applied. Understanding the removal technique and using the right tree tools saves a bunch of time. Many stumps have roots are are embedded deep in the soil and may need excavation of a larger area. Stump grinders, wenches, trucks, plus some rad tree guys is a recipe for ‘no stump is safe.’
Some trees have roots that are wide, flat and relatively shallow while others have roots that are long and deep. Stumps from trees with wide, flat and relatively shallow roots are easier to remove as compared to stumps from trees with long and deep roots. More so, the age and size of a tree can contribute to the difficulty of stump removal. The older the stump, the easier the removal. Smaller stumps are also easier to remove than larger stumps.
Tree stumps can be removed at any time depending on the method that you wish to use. However when using the chemical method, you need to apply the chemicals to freshly cut wood hence the best time for removing stumps using such method is immediately after felling the tree. Keep this in mind, you will get your stump removed easily and quickly when you use the right techniques and methods. Here is a list of the best stump removal methods.
Tree Stump Removal Methods & Techniques:
Manual Tree Removal
This method is effective when removing a relatively small and shallow tree stump or a stump from an older or diseased tree. You need to have the right tools, for example, a chainsaw, a shovel, a digging bar, a pick mattock, an axe among others.
The method involves digging by hand. You need to dig and expose the roots then cut them and pull them out of the ground. The chainsaw is used to remove lower branches from the trunk, a pick mattock and digging bar are used to reveal the roots around the stump, and an axe is used to cut off the major roots.
Removal by Chemicals
This is another method of tree stump removal. It involves the use of chemical products such as potassium nitrate to hasten the decomposition process. You will need a chainsaw to cut off much of the stump as possible.
Afterwards, you will use a drill to make a series of holes in the stump and pour chemicals into the holes. After the chemical has taken effect, which will take a couple of weeks or months, the stump will become soft and mulberry hence you can use an axe to break up and remove the stump. This method is, however, time-consuming.
Removal By A Stump Grinder
This is a mechanical method of tree stump removal. It involves the use of a machine known as a tree stump grinder. This machine chews up the tree stumps. It is built with a toothy, circular cutting blade that grinds the tree stump by breaking it into small chips. This is the easiest method if you want to remove more than one stump. It is also very economical if you want to remove many stumps. Before using this machine, remove any rocks and debris from around the tree stump. You should then use a chainsaw to remove the bulk of the stump by cutting it as close to the ground as possible. If the wood is very hard then it will be easier to grind.
Tree stump grinding machines are available at rental houses; all you need to do is follow the instructions on how to operate the machine. Remember to put on appropriate protective gear. This is because a stump grinder is a dangerous piece of equipment. Hence, you need protective glasses to avoid wood chips from flying into your eyes. You should also wear long sleeves, long pants and steel-toed boots to ensure protection when using this machine. We recommend you hire a professional to remove your stumps using this method, as they understand how to use the machine safely.
Removal with Fire
This method involves burning down the tree stump. It is an ideal method for small stumps. It can also be used with other methods, for example, it can be used to eradicate tree stumps that have been left behind after a chemical or manual removal.
You need a drill and kerosene oil. You should drill holes into the tree stump and then fill the holes with kerosene or fuel oil and wait for it to soak in thoroughly. This might take some time probably a week or two. You should then drop one matchstick into each hole. Contact local authorities to ensure that burning is allowed before using this method.
If you have decided to remove tree stumps from your yard, we recommend hire a professional since it is one of the ways of making your outdoor space look outstanding. You can do the work yourself manually as discussed above or let a professional do it for you.
You need to, therefore, weigh the time, cost and effort involved before embarking on a technique to use for tree stump removal. Keep in mind there will be specific things needed once the stump is removed. Our team would love to take on the burden. We get rid of tree trumps and make your home look beautiful!
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